Chimera African Violet Yachiyo Blue and Expression of Bilateral Blooming

Here is an observation that raises more questions but provide no answers.   I observed the Yachiyo Blue chimera African violet demonstrate bilateral flowering as seen in the below image.  Does this indicate the end of this plant as a chimera?  Is this a transient event?

YB Bilateral Plant The image immediately below  is the bloom of a first rate Yachiyo Blue chimera African violet.  The pinwheel effect, the broad white and blue stripes is well noted.


Then on the other side of the plant ther blooms are solid purple.  The chimera-ism feature is totally lost.   Is this a transience event?  I suspect that this is the end of this plant exhibiting this chimera feature and as the plant continues to grow it will becoem totally solid.  But we shall see as I will  document the progress.

YB Bilateral

One comment on “Chimera African Violet Yachiyo Blue and Expression of Bilateral Blooming

  1. Jenner on said:

    I’d imagine, much as many chimeras themselves are sports of normal (for lack of a better term) violets, that this could just be latent “normal” genetics sporting back to their long lost parent plant.

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