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A Grower With An Explantion of Chimera Propagation

[youtube:] It is not initially clear what the speaker is going for. Her initial remarks were about transplanting chimera violets (which is a process that is identical to any African violet), but the discussion is really about de-crowning propagation of chimera African violets.


To the right is a normal Erin Chimera violet bloom.   Using tissue culture methods I took the flower stalk of Erin and produced ten plants.  Seven were perfect copies of Erin, but one was pure white (left) one was purple (center) and one was a white flower with a purple center .  This nicely demonstrates […]

Chimera Emerald Love Time Lapse

I enjoy time lapse photography. Another Youtube clip.

Propagation of Chimera Violets (Crown Method)

[youtube:] This is the most common method of propagating chimera African violets. The above presentation came from Youtube made by Reeds Greenhouse. He did a nice job.

Six Petals Yachiyo Blue

This is a Japanese chimera with a single blue and white stripe and plan green foliage. It is unusual to see 6 petals since African Violets have 5 petals. It is even more unusual to see all the petals so well balanced. Why is it rare?

EBay and Chimera Violets

If you frequent e-bay to look for chimera African violets, you need to be cognoscente of exactly what is being offered. Take it from someone that has been duped. I look (as one would in any purchase) for four things