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Granger Red and White Stripes

Granger Red and White Stripe is a chimera African violet that appears to be very genetically stable and very aesthetically pleasing.

Neptune Jewels Sports

I recently had a batch of Neptune Jewels tissue cultured from flower stalks bloom. It was rather disappointing that a number bloomed as NJ (Neptune Jewels) Sport A. Several years ago I had a Sport that had what I would consider an exceptional bloom (NJ Sport B) which I lost the plant and have never […]

Sport of Shimai Chimera African Violet

In the process of propagating more Shimai, I have had a reoccurring issue with the same sport mutating of the last four years. Recently, I was on eBay looking at the chimera African violets being offered and I saw a sport of Shimai, exactly what is above. For some reason Shimai will sport to this […]

Tawawa Sport?

As the very young Tawawa chimera African violet started to grow I noticed the leaf color was significantly darker which is a prelude to a genetic change (sport) and a different bloom.

Can African Violets (including Chimeras) Self Pollination?

Self-pollination usually does not occur in African violets. Most of the time when it appears self-pollination occurred it was the result of thrips. But note that on rare occasion self-pollination does occur.

Chimera African Violet Humako Jantien

Of all the chimera African violets in my collection one of the most “durable” cultivars that always demonstrates remarkable symmetry and is topped off by a tight blooming head is Humako Jantien. I took a number of different photos in a variety of light conditions to find the one image that exactly portrays the purple […]

A Variegated Chimera (Part 2)

Incorrect or unknown wavelengths from an LED source can result in chlorosis.

A Variegated Chimera

Is the loss of variegation the result of a sport or a light intensity that is too high causing the production of carotenoids in the leaf making them yellow-white?

A Possible Chimera Sport of Humako Sweet

Over the last few years multiple sports of Humako Sweet have occurred. This is the first sport that has retained it chimera bloom.

Chimera African Violets and Lighting

I found on YouTube an outstanding presentation on lighting for African violets that was put out by the African Violet Society of America. The presentation is called “Spectral Enlightenment: One Light Does Not Fit All“, by Dr. Minh Bui. It is excellent! Lighting requirements for chimera African violets are the same as non-chimera African violets. […]

F2 Sport of Yachiyo Tabata

This is the image of the F2 sport of Yachiyo Tabata. Contains the exact traits of the original F1 sport. I have in tissue culture the F3. All be it the original purple and pink edge coloration and fantasy streaks (on the parent plant) are much brighter and reside on the edge of the bloom […]

Shimai, Entire Plant Sports (in different directions)

The below image is a typical genetically stable Shimai chimera African violet. The following image is a Shimai that all of a sudden started sporting multiple flowers all different and disorganized in respect to the standard chimera pinwheel pattern. As you can see one pinwheel bloom exists but it has a darker color as compared […]

Sport of Leaf Chimera “Little Stinker”

I have been using the same stem tissue culture propagation method for leaf chimeras as I use for other “flowering” chimera African violets. The outcomes are as expected, true Little Stinker plants. But not quite as consistently. I have seen more variants then I expected. Grant it most are true to the parent. But there […]

Yachiyo Tabata Sport

The below image is the typical looking Yachiyo Tabata. A prolific and generally stable Chimera African violet. Now the other day I observed a sport of Yachiyo Tabata as seen below. I have about 1/2 dozen of them currently and have propagated probably over 100 of them over the past years. This is only the […]