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Chimera African Violet Seed Pod and Follow-Up On A Couple of Chimera Experiments

This month is a follow up to the several chimera African violet projects that were started in earlier blogs.  First, an update on the self-pollinating Emerald City Chimera African violet.   Below is a picture of the maturing seed pod.  Refer to the January 1st 2011 post and picture of the flower with the sigma […]

Self-Pollination in Chimera African Violets (or any African violets)

Self-pollination in African violets occurs on occasion not as a result of thrips, or mechanical movement, rather as a consequence of the style bending towards and pushing the sigma into the pollen sack.

Chimera African Violet Crosses

As follow up to a post from April 10th “Do Crosses Between Chimera African Violets Produce Viable Seed” and to the point that crosses of chimera African violets DO NOT produce other chimera African violets I have grown out to flower the cross of Rob’s Miriwinni (seed plant) X Monique (pollen plant).  The results are […]

Chimera African Violet Crosses Do Produce Seed (seed is available)

In reference to earlier discussions about if chimera African violets can produce viable seed I submit the following in an effort to answer this question (see April 10th blog). This photo (above) is the mature seed pod from the photo of the June 1 blog.  This specific example illustrates that Van’s Evan X Van’s Evan […]