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Chimera African Violets and ebay

Not A Chimera African Violet!

This month’s theme is “Not A Chimera”.    Earlier this year I was looking to purchase Rob’s Mirriwinni.  I found a site on eBay that was selling one.  The picture on eBay of what the bloom looked like was correct but was a picture of the parent plant, not the plant for sale.  I purchased the […]

The Chimera African Violet Shop website is back up.

Chimera African Violets from Leaf Cuttings?

Chimera African Violets from Leaf Cuttings being sold on eBay?
Because someone is selling leaf cuttings on eBay from a chimera African violet does not mean you can produce chimera African violets from cuttings. You cannot!

Some Expensive African Violets on eBay

A few months ago I have seen a very high demand for two specific African violets that have brought to their respective sellers some quick cash.

Concord Chimera African Violets and Pseudo-Concords

Buyer beware; not all Concord chimera African violets are true Concord chimera African violets.

Shop for Chimera African Violets On Our New Site Starting March 1st

This is a new site to purchase chimera African violets.

Chimera Yukako and its Sport

This is the first sport of Yukako I have seen. Most of the Chimera African violets I have produced are the result of tissue culture.  On occasion as suckers form I will re-pot them and have full confidence that the outcome will be a copy of the parent.  My assumption, grounded in the full confidence  […]

Chimera African Violets-EBay and Some Seller Rope-A-Dope

The last month I have been seeing more of those “chimera like” African violets showing up on e-Bay under the Chimera African Violets listing.  Most of the times the seller will list it in the title as “Chimera Like”. But some have been a little less direct listing it “African Violet Plant ~ (Name of […]

EBay and Chimera Violets

If you frequent e-bay to look for chimera African violets, you need to be cognoscente of exactly what is being offered. Take it from someone that has been duped. I look (as one would in any purchase) for four things