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Party Fun Chimera African Violet Experiment Almost Completed

                          On August 1st 2014 (last year) I posted the above picture asking the question if the party was over for this chimera African violet named “Party Fun”.  My point was that I believed it was reverting to the dominate purple color which […]

Mauna Loa 6-7 Petal Experiment Results

Efforts were made using stem culture of a bloom stalk with 6 and 6 petal flowers of the chimera African violet Mauna Loa. The results are provided.

The Ugliest Chimera African Violet Bloom?

The ugliest chimera African violet bloom I ever grew or for that matter saw was a sport of Yukako.

When Is A Chimera Concord Not A Chimera Concord?

Standard Concords has a little over 13% less purple and a little over 13% more white then the Variant Concord out on the market.
Based on the total dry weight of each bloom the standard Concord bloom is almost 50% larger then the Variant Concord.