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The flowering of chimera African violets.

Propagation Of A Chimera African Violet With A Potato? (part 4-Conclusion)

Conclusion: Propagation Of A Chimera African Violet With A Potato did not work after a four month experimental period.

Sport of Shimai -Update

This is a full bloom of a new sport of Shimai.

8E Danse Macabre (Humako Oriental chimera sport) Or Danse de Déception

8E Danse Macabre which is a sport of Humako Oriental, produced another less attractive sport. This is more like Danse de Déception rather than Danse Macabre.

Abnormal Mauna Loa Blooms

This plant produced as a clone of Mauna Loa from a stem culture is producing abnormal blooms.

Chimera’s Gone Wrong

A collection of 24 chimera African violets that has sported or mutated.

Two Concords, Which One Do You Prefer?

What did the hybridizers have in mind and are current growers maintaining standards to keep the plant color and patter true?

Mauna Loa Six Petals

A Mauna Loa bloom from an experiment that focused on stem culture of 6 and 7 petal blooms of the plant produced about 75% of the blooms with a higher petal count.

Humako Sweet

Humako Sweet is an exceptional chimera African violet that deserves consideration for a place in anyone interested in chimera African violets.

Mauna Loa 6-7 Petal Experiment Results

Efforts were made using stem culture of a bloom stalk with 6 and 6 petal flowers of the chimera African violet Mauna Loa. The results are provided.

Chimera African Violets Gone Wrong (More)

This is a collection of images of chimera African violets that I have see revert, digress, or mutate into a different bloom.

Sport Of Shimai, F1

It is apparent that the F1 of the sport of Shimai is demonstrating some genetic instability in its blooms.

Revisiting Rob’s Monkeyshines, Chimera African Violet

The appreciation and wonder of the genetics in chimera African violets is exemplified in this plant. This plant like all chimera African violets have two genotype populations that live on the same plant resulting in this little gem expressing this interesting flower phenotype.

When Is A Chimera Concord Not A Chimera Concord?

Standard Concords has a little over 13% less purple and a little over 13% more white then the Variant Concord out on the market.
Based on the total dry weight of each bloom the standard Concord bloom is almost 50% larger then the Variant Concord.

Shimai From Germany

Click on any of the above images to enlarge.  I admit I enjoy receiving pictures of plants I sold as I often wonder how they are doing.  I also enjoy taking pictures of African violets and especially chimera African violets.  But I will be the first to admit the quality of my photos are at […]