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The flowering of chimera African violets.

Kilauea: A Vintage Chimera African Violet

This vintage chimera plants is a perfect chimera African violet not often seen and available.

Slight Variant of Shimai Bloom?

A slight variant in the green strips of the Shimai blooms was observed.

Yachiyo Tabata Sport F3 Appears Stable

Yachiyo tabata Sport F3 appears to be a stable sport of Yachiyo tabata.

New Concord & Standard Concord Compared

The non-registered African violet called New Concord bloom is compared to the standard registered Concord and compared.

Chimera African Violet, When a Sport Will Not Stop Sporting.

This is an example of an African violet sport that has no genetic stability in its bloom color.

Granger Red and White Stripes

Granger Red and White Stripe is a chimera African violet that appears to be very genetically stable and very aesthetically pleasing.

Tawawa Sport?

As the very young Tawawa chimera African violet started to grow I noticed the leaf color was significantly darker which is a prelude to a genetic change (sport) and a different bloom.

Sport Of Yachiyo Tabata

I have been growing Yachiyo tabata for a while and it is generally a very stable chimera African violet, in that stem culture after stem culture I know the probability is very high that the plantlet that will be produced will be a representation of the parent plant. Below is a typical Yachito tabata. Some […]

Kilauea-Vintage Chimera African Violet

As you see more and more new chimera African violets, many with large double blooms in a wide array of colors and shades (oftentimes not very stable between generations), I have come to notice that the old standards are seen less and less and increasingly more difficult to find. Kilauea is one of them. Hybridizer […]

Not A Chimera African Violet!

This month’s theme is “Not A Chimera”.    Earlier this year I was looking to purchase Rob’s Mirriwinni.  I found a site on eBay that was selling one.  The picture on eBay of what the bloom looked like was correct but was a picture of the parent plant, not the plant for sale.  I purchased the […]

Party Fun is Back (the chimera African violet that is).

In conclusion to the post I made in Oct 2018 where I removed from a bag the chimera African violet “Part Fun”, the three plants depicted all doing well. One plant is in bud, one plant has bloomed (above) and the smallest is just growing at this point. The above is the first bloom of […]

Abnormal Mauna Loa Blooms Again!

Why are the petals of the Mauna Loa looking as if they are missing one? Genetics or environmental is the root cause.

Chimera African Violet Sweet-Which is really Sweet?

In the propagation of Chimera African violets, a change in leaf color from the parent plant is the first indication the bloom will not be true.

Neptune’s Treasure and Being a Bad Sport

Flower stems on Chimera African violets can mutate (or sport) and if used to propagate more plants, will results in plants that are not true to the parents. Be aware of propagators that sell chimera African violets prior to a first bloom.