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Yachiyo Tabata

Yachiyo Tabata with a bit more intense pink edging on the petals that is a bit wider than the other Yachiyo Tabata will have its stem isolated to see if a more colorful strain can be developed.

O’Fortuna – A New Chimera African Violet Introduction

O’Fortuna is a new introduction and recently registered sport of Concord. AVSA Registration # 10806 D.Landek.

Granger Sugar Frost-Awakened

                          As was true about the Fords Pinwheel (last post), a similar situation occurred with my Granger Sugar Frost, except that this plant bloomed constantly and grew nicely for me in the past.   I owned Sugar Frost for 15+ years, and had been propagating and […]

Powdery Mildew (Oidium Fungus) Eradication From African Violets

Powdery Mildew is caused by the Oidium fungus can be eradicated from your African violets in a simple 10 min process.

Crown Rot, Root Rot Among My Chimera African Violets

Crown rot, ( the work of the fungi Phytophthora) can destroy African violets in short order.

Chimera African Violet Yachiyo Blue and Expression of Bilateral Blooming – Continued

Yachiyo Blue chimera African violet demonstrates bilateral flowering.

The Commonly Rare African Violet

As this site is dedicated to the chimera African violet and subsequently is each blog, there are occasions that an exceptional photo or article on African violets is publishes somewhere that deserves to be read and looked at by all those that enjoy this plant. I recently read such an article and must say found it unique on several levels.

LED Panels to Grow Chimera African Violets

I have tried several different methods to grow Chimera African violets with LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes).  I have used the array panels, the LED chips and the LED arrays in light bulb format.  I have found that the LED panel arrays to be a waste of money.  Not that the plants do not grow well with them.  They grow as […]

Chimera African Violets and Seeds (continued)

Continuing from the post in February, the seed pod from the cross between “Galactic Storm” using the chimera African violet “Neptune Jewels” appears to be approaching maturity.

What Are Chimera African Violets? – A Simple Explanation

What Are Chimera African Violets? Two genetically different cells types residing together to make up the plant.

Using A Chimera African Violet as the Pollen Plant

As has been demonstrated repeatedly through out this blog is a cross between two Chimera African violets does not produce chimera African violets. But what I have done in the past is use chimera African violets as both seed and pollen parents for crosses with non-chimera African violets with great success and interesting outcomes.

African Violet Sport Of Yukako F2

Sport of Yukako F2 shows the same stability as F1 and parent.

African Violet Sport Of Yukako F1

In the posts of October and November I discussed a sport of Yukako.  To review that blog,  just click here.   I have successfully produced a plant from the parent bloom stalk, using tissue culture techniques.  The resulting plant and flowers are true to the parent in both color, form and chimeraism.  The F1 flower […]

A New Chimera African Violet?

Possibly a new chimera African violet as a consequence of a sport of Van’s Evan.