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Lighting for chimera African violets

Chimera African Violet Humako Jantien

Of all the chimera African violets in my collection one of the most “durable” cultivars that always demonstrates remarkable symmetry and is topped off by a tight blooming head is Humako Jantien. I took a number of different photos in a variety of light conditions to find the one image that exactly portrays the purple […]

A Variegated Chimera (Part 2)

Incorrect or unknown wavelengths from an LED source can result in chlorosis.

Chimera African Violets and Lighting

I found on YouTube an outstanding presentation on lighting for African violets that was put out by the African Violet Society of America. The presentation is called “Spectral Enlightenment: One Light Does Not Fit All“, by Dr. Minh Bui. It is excellent! Lighting requirements for chimera African violets are the same as non-chimera African violets. […]

Chimera African Violet Shimai – Sport

A common sport of the chimera African violet Shimai will produce purple-cream bloom with green edges when the bloom mature.

LED Panels to Grow Chimera African Violets

I have tried several different methods to grow Chimera African violets with LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes).  I have used the array panels, the LED chips and the LED arrays in light bulb format.  I have found that the LED panel arrays to be a waste of money.  Not that the plants do not grow well with them.  They grow as […]

Growing Chimera African Violets Under LED Lighting

There may be differences in African violet plant development depending on the wavelength of light the selected LED that is used for culturing African violets.

Chimera African Violets Grown Under LED Chip Lights

For years African violets have been successfully grown under florescent tube lighting.  For the last 5 years I have been growing some of my plants under LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting.  The bulbs (lamps) have been historically very expensive costing as much as $100 per bulb.  Recently I saw a demo with a LED chip […]