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Propagation of chimera African violets as well as other violets.

Two Concords, Which One Do You Prefer?

What did the hybridizers have in mind and are current growers maintaining standards to keep the plant color and patter true?

Mauna Loa Chimera African Violet Petal Count

Selecting Mauna Loa bloom stalks with blooms > 5 petals and then tissue culturing new plants from the bloom stalk appears to have produced a 6+ petal Mauna Loa.

Chimera African Violet Stem Tissue Culture

All stem propagation methods depend on the propagation of the shoot apical meristem as the source to the new chimera African violets.

Concord Sport

                The above image is a sport of Concord.  The bloom stalks that produced the above plant and below plant (true Concord) were taken from the same parent plant.  All the plants produced from the other bloom stalks of the parent look like the standard Concord depicted below.  This […]

Mauna Loa 6-7 Petal Experiment Results

Efforts were made using stem culture of a bloom stalk with 6 and 6 petal flowers of the chimera African violet Mauna Loa. The results are provided.

Follow-up On Some Chimera African Violet Projects

For whatever reason there has been minimal blooming this month but a lot of growth with plantlets I produced from flower stalks from some “different” blooms. First I have the 7 petal Mauna Loa (Eyerdom) bloom. I produced a plantlet from that stalk. Not that I am expecting a plant that has 6 or 7 petal […]

Sport Of Shimai

Shimai, the chimera African violet appears to have sported generated a purple overlay on to the green stripes.

Sport of “The Alps” Chimera African Violet

I have stem propagated “The Alps” repeatedly with literally zero spots forming.   For me it was one of a hand full of chimera African violets  that have been so stable.   One of “The Alps” that  bloomed true (image directly below) put out a very strong glowing sucker that I just let grow.  It had […]

Shimai – A New Chimera African Violet Introduction

Introducing a new chimera African violet, Shimai.

Chimera African Violets and Seeds (continued)

Continuing from the post in February, the seed pod from the cross between “Galactic Storm” using the chimera African violet “Neptune Jewels” appears to be approaching maturity.

Allegro Sundae Eclipse An Interesting Outcome

A sport of Allegro Eclipse has produced blooms that are interesting and appear two have two types of blooms that vary as a function of the order of the bloom on the stalk.

Chimera African Violets from Stem Tissue Culture

Propagating chimera African violets from the flower stems in tissue culture generates a high degree of consistent results, but by no means is it 100%.

Chimera African Violets Gone Wrong

Chimera African violets produced from flower stems or from suckers, on occasion may not produce flowers you expect. This is one reason to avoid plants being sold as chimera African violets that never bloomed. Image examples follow.

Chimera Yukako F1 Sport

In the process of establishing and demonstrating the genetic stability of the sport of Yukako (F1) where we have a white flower with green stripes; out of the several dozen that bloomed true this one bloomed differently.  Is this a Chimera?  Is it stable genetically?  Can it be propagated to produce identical blooms? We will […]