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Can You Grow Chimera African Violets from Seed?

NO!   You cannot.   I have seen articles and post on occasion pop-up stating you can grow Chimera African violets from seed.  You can’t.  Chimeras are made up of two genotypes in the body of the plant.  The very process of pollen and egg production excludes one of the two genotypes.  Hence you cannot produce a […]

Chimera African Violets and Seeds (continued)

Continuing from the post in February, the seed pod from the cross between “Galactic Storm” using the chimera African violet “Neptune Jewels” appears to be approaching maturity.

Using A Chimera African Violet as the Pollen Plant

As has been demonstrated repeatedly through out this blog is a cross between two Chimera African violets does not produce chimera African violets. But what I have done in the past is use chimera African violets as both seed and pollen parents for crosses with non-chimera African violets with great success and interesting outcomes.

Chimera African Violets And Seed Production

Here is yet another example in a series of demonstrations that crosses between chimera African violets 1) can occur and 2) can produce viable seeds.  Refer to posts Refer to the Dec 1 2010 post just click here and the April 1 2010 posting.  Below is the latest example of a seed pod forming that […]

Chimera African Violet Seed Pod and Follow-Up On A Couple of Chimera Experiments

This month is a follow up to the several chimera African violet projects that were started in earlier blogs.  First, an update on the self-pollinating Emerald City Chimera African violet.   Below is a picture of the maturing seed pod.  Refer to the January 1st 2011 post and picture of the flower with the sigma […]

Shop for Chimera African Violets On Our New Site Starting March 1st

This is a new site to purchase chimera African violets.

Chimera African Violet Crosses

As follow up to a post from April 10th “Do Crosses Between Chimera African Violets Produce Viable Seed” and to the point that crosses of chimera African violets DO NOT produce other chimera African violets I have grown out to flower the cross of Rob’s Miriwinni (seed plant) X Monique (pollen plant).  The results are […]

Growing African Violets From Seed

Growing African violets from seed is simple.  I have been using chimera African violets as seed parents for years and as of late have been offering the seed on my site.  I have received requests from some to provide seed growing instructions.  As you will see it could not be simpler or as fool proof.  […]