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Shimai Twelve Months Later

With my first batch of Shimai that I grew to sell a few found ther way to Hong Kong and another to Europe.  I usually do not get to see plants I sold after I spent about 12 months culturing the stems and working the near microscopic plantlet into a young blooming plant.  One of […]

Chimera African Violets And Cold Temperatures

What is the lowest temperature an African violet can be maintained for a 72 hour period without destroying the plant?

Winter Shipping Of African Violets With 72 Hr Heat Packs

As winter approaches it is not uncommon to see chimera and regular African violets being shipped using 72 hour heat packs.  But to do it safely there are many misconceptions that must be cleared up as to what the packs can and cannot do. The heat packs most commonly used are made up of sawdust, […]