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Two Concords, Which One Do You Prefer?

What did the hybridizers have in mind and are current growers maintaining standards to keep the plant color and patter true?

Sport of Shimai Described

The flowers are white, ruffled and have considerable curvature and are never flat as depicted in the images below. The two top petals are a bit larger with a purple stripe with a green underlay of color. The other 3 petals are purple on a white petal with a very slight green undertone.

Sport Of Concord (second bloom)

As I indicated in the January 2015 post Link to that post, one of my Concords sported and produced a bloom that looked very similar to “The Alps”.   The plant is growing with a considerable degree of robustness such that a few months later it grew much larger and bloomed again.  As I pulled the […]

Rob’s Monkeyshines Sport

The below image is one of the many faces of  Rob’s Monkyeshines (AVSA Reg # 7893) blooms.  Click here to see my other blog post describing this blooming oddity.                             In the process of propagating some additional Monkyshine plants, one of the plants […]

Concord Sport

                The above image is a sport of Concord.  The bloom stalks that produced the above plant and below plant (true Concord) were taken from the same parent plant.  All the plants produced from the other bloom stalks of the parent look like the standard Concord depicted below.  This […]

Sport Of Shimai, F1

It is apparent that the F1 of the sport of Shimai is demonstrating some genetic instability in its blooms.

Follow-up On Some Chimera African Violet Projects

For whatever reason there has been minimal blooming this month but a lot of growth with plantlets I produced from flower stalks from some “different” blooms. First I have the 7 petal Mauna Loa (Eyerdom) bloom. I produced a plantlet from that stalk. Not that I am expecting a plant that has 6 or 7 petal […]

Shimai Sport with Bilateral Blooms? (Part 2)

As a follow up from the last blog, the third pair of blooms opened.  The bilateral behavior has ceased.  The bloom pair and all the other blooms now forming are producing the dark stripe as an overlay to the green stripe producing a dark purple stripe on a white petal.   If this is stable or […]

Shimai Sport with Bilateral Blooms?

Shimai produced two flower stalks that demonstrated a bilateral bloom color. Is this a random event or a pattern?

A Possible Chimera African Violet Sport of Snow Edelweiss

I received an email from one of the readers of this blog that lives in Japan who goes by the handle name “kiti”.   He was kind enough to share this image.  It appears to be a Chimera of  Snow Edelweiss.  The image is below.   Just as reference as you may not be familiar with […]

Chimera African Violet Shimai – Sport

A common sport of the chimera African violet Shimai will produce purple-cream bloom with green edges when the bloom mature.

The Alps Mutation Continued

The chimera African violet ” The Alps” produced a sport that has a bloom of pure white, double and semi-double with medium green leaves.

Party Fun Sport

Today I noticed a bloom on a shelf  with plants that were being  grown to blooming size from those that I tissue cultured.   I could not visually identify it and went to the label on the container to see what it was.  It was labeled as Part Fun.  This is no “Party Fun”. click here to see Party Fun blooms. […]

Shimai Chimera Flower Variants. Also An Emerald City Sport.

I have observed Shimai from my own collection and now confirmed from African Violet enthusiast  J. Miemietz, who provided this photograph, that on occasion Shiami will throw out a bloom as illustrated here.  The rest of the blooms are the standard white with green stripes.  I have also seen on rare occasion a bloom  white with green stripes and the […]