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Chimera African Violet Shimai – Sport

A common sport of the chimera African violet Shimai will produce purple-cream bloom with green edges when the bloom mature.

The Alps Mutation Continued

The chimera African violet ” The Alps” produced a sport that has a bloom of pure white, double and semi-double with medium green leaves.

Party Fun Sport

Today I noticed a bloom on a shelf  with plants that were being  grown to blooming size from those that I tissue cultured.   I could not visually identify it and went to the label on the container to see what it was.  It was labeled as Part Fun.  This is no “Party Fun”. click here to see Party Fun blooms. […]

Shimai Chimera Flower Variants. Also An Emerald City Sport.

I have observed Shimai from my own collection and now confirmed from African Violet enthusiast  J. Miemietz, who provided this photograph, that on occasion Shiami will throw out a bloom as illustrated here.  The rest of the blooms are the standard white with green stripes.  I have also seen on rare occasion a bloom  white with green stripes and the […]

More Chimera African Violet Sports and A Possible Double Chimera

                         The image to the left is Psychedelic Show-AVSA Reg. #10413 (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses).   This is a stunning plant with a bloom that is sure to be a favorite for sometime to come.    I successfully stem propagated a number of  Psychedelic Show plants.  But one of […]

Leaf Color As A Predictor in Chimera African Violets.

There appears to be a link between leaf color as an early predictor if the chimera will bloom true or not.

Sport of “The Alps” Chimera African Violet

I have stem propagated “The Alps” repeatedly with literally zero spots forming.   For me it was one of a hand full of chimera African violets  that have been so stable.   One of “The Alps” that  bloomed true (image directly below) put out a very strong glowing sucker that I just let grow.  It had […]

Shimai – A New Chimera African Violet Introduction

Introducing a new chimera African violet, Shimai.

Chimera African Violet Variations

Chimera African violets demonstrate variations within the same cultivar. A chimera African violet has two different genetic population of cells making up the plant. So a genetic variation in any one of those two cell populations will result in a difference in appearance of the chimera African violet even if it is subtle.

Sport of Emerald City

An interesting sport of the chimera African violet Emerald City.

Chimera African Violets Gone Wrong – More

Chimera African violets taken either from suckers or flower stems can and do fail to produce the true chimera effect. That is why unless you purchase a plant in bloom or one that has bloomed true there is more then a zero probably that you may not be getting what you think you are.

Allegro Sundae Eclipse An Interesting Outcome

A sport of Allegro Eclipse has produced blooms that are interesting and appear two have two types of blooms that vary as a function of the order of the bloom on the stalk.