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Party Fun Or Is The Party Over?

Bifurcation of the bloom stalks coloring may be indicative that the chimera African violet plant will lose its chimeric expression.

Sport of “The Alps” Chimera African Violet

I have stem propagated “The Alps” repeatedly with literally zero spots forming.   For me it was one of a hand full of chimera African violets  that have been so stable.   One of “The Alps” that  bloomed true (image directly below) put out a very strong glowing sucker that I just let grow.  It had […]

Chimera African Violet Party Fun

Chimera African violet Party Fun, is unique among the other chimera African violets. The interesting thing about Party Fun is that no two blooms are identical in pattern.

Yukako Sport (continued)

As the Yukako sport continues to grow and it flowers it looks even better then the initial flower and photo from Oct 1st.   Beside the obvious  green strip on white, the green stripe when examined closely has hints of the purple.  Also there is a very thin violet colored edge on each flower.  The  image […]

Standby and watch this site.

A blog dedicated to chimera African violets is now under development.   Check back periodically.  We should be up and running within a few weeks.  The site is in development and will be uploaded soon.