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Chimera African Violets on Facebook

There is a group on Facebook that post some extraordinary images of chimera African violets that are interesting and some rather unusual. is Seven Years Old This Month. has chimera African violet icons available for free if interested. Just click on the links and download. Is Now “https” For Your Security is now “https” for your security.

The Chimera African Violet Shop website is back up.

Interesting African Violet Links Added

Eliminated the Blogroll and replaced it with “Interesting Related African Violet Links”.

A Possible Chimera African Violet Sport of Snow Edelweiss

I received an email from one of the readers of this blog that lives in Japan who goes by the handle name “kiti”.   He was kind enough to share this image.  It appears to be a Chimera of  Snow Edelweiss.  The image is below.   Just as reference as you may not be familiar with […]

A Video Guide to Use The Chimera African Violet Web Site

This short video is a overview of the features and functionality of this web site.