Chimera African Violets-EBay and Some Seller Rope-A-Dope

The last month I have been seeing more of those “chimera like” African violets showing up on e-Bay under the Chimera African Violets listing.  Most of the times the seller will list it in the title as “Chimera Like”. But some have been a little less direct listing it “African Violet Plant ~ (Name of the plant) ~ chimera bl. Perhaps my own ignorance but what does the “bl” stand for? Perhaps baloney? Or bull? I sent an e-mail to the seller asking if this was a chimera African violet. The response was fast, friendly and honest, “no”. Yet if you did not read the text which stated “chimera like flowers in colder weather”, one would never know it was not a Chimera. What is disturbing, someone bought this plant that I think is perhaps worth $6.00 for $26.52. Oh well, perhaps the purchaser truly values this plant that much. If they wish they can send me a leaf, I will tissue culture them and send them back 100 small plants for 25 cents each.

Also last month there were two sellers listing chimera African violets with pictures that were obviously did not match the title. This mistake can happen as you list a number of plants on EBay. When I sent a message to one of the sellers asking if their listing was correct, I received a mildly irritated response that I was the second person asking this and that the listing was going to be pulled. So I guess it was not a mistake and there are others as neurotic about this as I.

Finally in the rope-a-dope category, one of the listings that was looooooooong and wordy indicated that they never ship on Friday or Saturday as the packages sit in the post office and mail warehouses over the weekend. I don’t know what postmaster they talked to or how they came to that conclusion but the entire US mail system does not shut down over the weekend. Reality is I have shipped and prefer shipping Saturday morning. The plants usually arrive Monday or Tuesday the latest. Post office mail still moves by plane and trucks on weekends.

I write this just to point out that most of the sellers are impeccably honest and extremely helpful but there are a few cowboys and gringos that may not always have a handle on the truth. They are providing a little rope-a-dope to buyers if the buyer is not paying attention.


  1. Posted May 13, 2010 at 12:18 am | Permalink

    do you do tissue culture for others, if i had some leaves i wanted done?

  2. admin
    Posted May 13, 2010 at 7:38 pm | Permalink

    Funny you should ask. Last night I started working on a page for this site that will be offering that service. The focus was on offering chimera violets tissue culture using flower stalks, but I have done straight African violet leaves also. So if interested contact me by going under the “ABOUT” tab upper left side of the site and there is a sub-menu that says “CONTACT”. Use that and send me your e-mail address and the number of plants you are looking to produce and any other questions you may have. I will get back to you with more details and how we can work this out. Best regards.

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