Chimera Yukako and its Sport

This is the first sport of Yukako I have seen.

Most of the Chimera African violets I have produced are the result of tissue culture.  On occasion as suckers form I will re-pot them and have full confidence that the outcome will be a copy of the parent.  My assumption, grounded in the full confidence  that the outcome of the suckers will be a reflection of the parents phenotype is incorrect.  At least to the point of having full confidence.   If you look closely at the second picture (the sport of Yukako) you will see at one of the flower edges a few purple blotches.  A reminder of it’s origins,  Yukako.

So frequently  on e-bay chimera African violets are being offered that have never flowered with no money back guarantee if the flower differs from what it is being offered.  All the more reason to only purchase chimera violets in bloom.

As far as the sport of Yukako, it is identical to Yukako in leaf color,  size, shape of leaves and plant size.  The only variable is that the purple for the most part is gone!  It is replaced by white while the green stripes remain.  I have begun propagating the flower stalks to see if the genetic variability is stable.

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  1. Angela Heerde
    Posted October 3, 2010 at 7:23 pm | Permalink

    WOW!! Very cool Yukako Sport!

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