Not A Chimera African Violet!

This month’s theme is “Not A Chimera”.    Earlier this year I was looking to purchase Rob’s Mirriwinni.  I found a site on eBay that was selling one.  The picture on eBay of what the bloom looked like was correct but was a picture of the parent plant, not the plant for sale.  I purchased the young plant. Well after a few months it bloomed.  And bloomed some more and the below image is what ALL the blooms looked like.   

Not Rob’s Mirriwinni

For reference (below), this is what the blooms should look like.

Rob’s Mirriwinni

I contacted (e-mailed) the seller and asked a simple question with choices.  Was the plant I purchased propagated from a sucker, a stem or a leaf?  The response was immediate and direct.  The response read…” from a leaf cutting”.  Well as we know you can NEVER, EVER produce any chimera from a leaf cutting.  I will not be doing any further business with that propagator. And maybe I need to start asking the propagation method question before I place a bid.

Now regarding an unrelated plant, I saw (Vat Car Goroh). This plant caught my attention and I thought immediately, this must be a chimera.  But it is not.   It is a standard African violet.  It is a beautiful plant with variegated leaves and many of the blooms look like this.  I actually propagated this plant (below) by a leaf cutting.

Vat-Car Goroh

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