8E Danse Macabre (Humako Oriental chimera sport) Or Danse de Déception

The above image was taken from google images.  It is 8E Danse Macabre which is a sport of Humako Oriental.  The link on the next line will take you to Google Images so you can see the bloom on this spectacular plant.  8E Danse Macabre the real deal

Understanding when growing chimera African violets, reality is that there is no certainty.  So about 18 months ago I purchased a sucker of 8E Danse Macabre.  It grew nicely and then bloomed once with a bloom identical to the bloom below.














As I never pass judgement on the very first bloom of a chimera African violet, I waited for the next bloom which never materialized.  Rather two suckers formed.  I then rooted and grew them to maturity and they produced multiple blooms, all similar the the above and below images.

Not what I was expecting or wanted. Although the elements are there, but only modestly.  The blooms appear to lack the distinct white (or lack of color) around the outer periphery of the bloom.  Also the distinct darker pigmentation (near center of bloom) is not as prominent as in the original images.  There also appears to be some variance between the blooms but generally consistent.  Also take into consideration my photographic skills are secondary to that of those that produced the original images of  8E Danse Macabre.  I will propagate two more generations and see what the stability of the bloom is.  If the next two generations show stability, I just may register these as Danse de Déception.

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