A New Chimera African Violet?

Recently discovered a sport of the Chimera Van’s Evan.  Unlike Van’s Evan where  the expected flower is a  single white flower with dark red stripes, this flower is also pigmented around its entire periphery of the flowers edge.  The leaves are also variegated in this semi-miniature plant, but the variegation appears limiter to the leaves blade edges.

Note the variegation along the edges of the mature leaves.

The variegation is cream and a hint of pink, the pink as a consequence of the pigmentation of the reverse side of the leaf as reflected in the below image.

Note the red pigmentation along the leaf edges

I will be taking this plant through 3 generations to see if in fact the traits are stable.  If they are stable it will be named and registered with AVSA.  If it is not stable, well what can one expect with chimera African violets.

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