A Possible Chimera African Violet Sport of Snow Edelweiss

I received an email from one of the readers of this blog that lives in Japan who goes by the handle name “kiti”.   He was kind enough to share this image.  It appears to be a Chimera of  Snow Edelweiss.  The image is below.

Snow Chimera


Just as reference as you may not be familiar with Snow Edelweiss and I did not have an image of it,  just click here to see what Snow Edelweiss looks like.  I am not 100% sure it is a chimera.  It has the typical pinwheel rays originating from the center of the bloom and it has lost most of the white in the original.  Kiti described the original as white pansies with pink patches, blue fantasy. But this is what bloomed.   Also Kiti noted some very warm days prior to the bloom and as we all know temperature can affect the bloom.  But I think there is more going on here.  I think Kiti has a new chimera.  Also as a footnote,  like all of us that grow African violets we usually grow other plants.   Check out this blog of Kiti. If you want to see an expert rose blog here is one.

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