Allegro Sundae Eclipse An Interesting Outcome

Allegro Sundae Eclipse is what I was expecting to see with a batch of bloom stalks I tissue cultured.  And as can be seen in the below image that is what was produced from one of the stalks.  A nice Allegro Sunday Eclipse.  But what I was not expecting was the other plants that were produced from the same set of flower stalks.

This plant resembles Allegro’s Shameless minus the purple fantasy down the center of each petal.   Rather a dark rose pink is expressed as if this plant is itself a chimera.  Is it?  I will be taking a leaf and a bloom stalk and propagating both to see what the outcome will be.  The result will be posted on this blog.  But there is another interesting observation.  That of the degree of the bottom petal of the first bloom on each stalk is elongated and protrudes forward as compared to the lack of that shape and expression on the bottom petal of the second bloom.

                       A                                   B

The image on the left (A) is the first bloom that appears on the stalk and the image on the right (B) is the second bloom on the stalk   Seen from the side (A) you can appreciate the dimension to this plants blooms.<

Note the bottom petal of the first bloom of each stalk and are expressing  dimension by protruding outward.    I  photograph a bloom  from the bottom (I apologize for the poor lighting and the resulting effect that the bloom is a different color) but this image, below shows the way the bloom is held on the flower stalk and the two side petals are out and curved forward providing each bloom when observed from below looks like expanded wings.

And to add more variability to this story the image below was produced from still another stalk in that batch of Allegro Sundae Eclipse bloom stalks.








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