Chimera African Violet Sweet-Which is really Sweet?

When propagating Chimera African violets, on occasion I notice that the leaf color is different.  100% of the time it is an indication of a sport that will not be true to the parent plant.  In this case, I did stem culture on “Sweet” (one of my favorites) with the goal of producing more “Sweet” chimera African violets. As the plant increased in size the difference in leaf color was observed.  Plant A has a lighter leaf color and Plant B has a darker leaf color.   I am taking this photograph and writing this on 2018/6/23.  As I cannot remember if “Sweet” has darker leaves (I believe it does) or not, I am not certain which will bloom true.  At the time of this writing, both are forming bloom stalks.  I am assuming one will be all pink or all white blooms.  We shall see.  Once the plants bloom I will take some photos and post below.  The takeaway is a change in leaf color is the first indication that the chimera African violet will most likely not be true.  (Click on any of the images to enlarge).

      ************And the results are in!  2018/07/31************   

As is evident in the above images, the light green leaved plant produced pure white flowers, and the darker foliage plant produced the normal chimera Sweet.


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