Chimera African Violets from Stem Tissue Culture

Propagating chimera African violets from the flower stems in tissue culture generates a high degree of consistent results, but by no means is it 100%.  The below images are plants derived from the same batch of flower stems from Titanic.  The image directly below bloomed as expected true to color and form, double and semi-double flowers.


The image below is a bloom of a plant produced from a flower stalk that was adjacent to stalk that produced the plant in the above image.   Both stalks bore perfectly formed Titanic blooms.   The image below shows a flower that is white,  single not double and the edges have both purple and green.  Click on the image to see the details more clearly. Obviously not a chimera but never the less interesting.

Once again this illustrates that the acquisition of any chimera African violet without it being in bloom at least once to verify the traits of chimera-ism or better yet being in bloom at time of purchase can lead to disappointment.

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