Chimera African Violets Gone Wrong

Chimera African violets produced from flower stems or from suckers, on occasion may not produce flowers you expect.  This is one reason to avoid plants being sold as chimera African violets that never bloomed.   Below are some examples.   Click on the images to enlarge.

Note that the last image on each of the top two pages is the chimera African violet Erin.  One failure produces an all white flower and the other an all purple flower.

The irony of this is illustrated with the last image Yukako.  On rare occasion, and this is one of those occasions,  the chimera that went wrong really just took a different turn.   In fact a new Chimera appears to have been formed.  Currently it is being propagated across three generations to find out if it is in reality another new stable chimera.  The moral of the story is going wrong is not necessarily a bad thing, it just leads to results that differ from the expected.

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