Humako Sweet

I wanted to feature what I consider a chimera African violet that deserves consideration for a place in everyone’s chimera African violet collection.  Last spring I obtained from a 1st rate grower and photographer in Germany a few chimera African violets.  The one that I think stands out is Humako Sweet.  Although you will not find it registered in the AVSA registry list at this time, and I know for some folks that grow to show that point is a hindrance, but in my opinion this is an exceptional plant.  It has a very strong habit to be symmetrical, leaves are dark green, are ovate and quilted.  The plant is standard in size.  The image below rather accurately depicts the color and shade of the bloom.  I cannot delineate exactly what is so striking about the bloom, perhaps because it is a little different in color and shade from the many chimeras out there.  I enjoy it.  I hope you do to.  Click on image to enlarge.



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    Humako Sweet has a special place in my heart, too. All of the Humako chimeras are really strong and stable, really striking plants. Sweet, for all its simplicity is probably my favourite too. I managed a sport from it, interestingly enough – with darker purple fantasy in the chimera stripes. Named it 8E Candy Butcher after my favourite BPAL perfume. I’ll send you a pic in email. Feel free to post it if you like. 🙂

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