Kilauea: A Vintage Chimera African Violet


 I have come to notice that the old standards are seen less and less and increasingly more difficult to find. Kilauea is one of them. Hybridizer is Eyerdom (Reg# 6808 1/15/1988) this chimera plant is a perfect example of the “vintage” chimera African violets. Simple in bloom structure and pattern yet distinct and complex in that the pink and purple pattern, like snowflakes, vary from bloom to bloom. Never the same.

It should also be noted that the blooms of Kilauea are very 3 dimensional (as in the above picture). The bottom petal sticks out about 30 degrees from the rest of the bloom into a different plane. The two side petals are flat and 90 degrees to the ground and the two top petals are forward about 10 degrees. So it takes a little effort to photograph them so the image is reasonable.

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