Mauna Loa Six Petals

ML 6 petel













In a previous post, December 1 2014, I discussed an experiment where I grew from a flower stem that had a 7 petal bloom with the intent of trying to see if i can establish a strain of 6 and 7 petal blooms.  Understanding that African violets are dicots and hence petels will be 5 and multiples there of and if you click on the above image it will link you to that blog discussion. (Yes I realize the colors of the blooms are different and that is a function of lighting and camera lens used).  Well I just had another Mauna Loa bloom from that batch, a late bloomer if you will, and of the 4 blooms 3 were 6 petal and one 5.  So not giving up on my conclusion of Dec, I cannot but help myself and will culture out these bloom stems to see if the habit is in fact genetic driven and can be selected out by individual bloom stem.  I will also keep track of petal count as other blooms appear as this plant matures.

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