New Concord & Standard Concord Compared

As you may be aware you can purchase on eBay a plant called “New Concord”. It is not a registered African violet with AVSA yet. The difference is seen in the images below with the New Concord bloom and leaf on the left and the standard Concord images on the right.

Referring to a post I made on March 1st 2014, (, I calculated the white to purple area of a good standard Concord to some of the substandard Concords being sold. Using the same methodology I wanted to compare the classic Concord white to purple ratio to the New Concord.

Results: The New Concord had 62.3% purple pigment and 37.7% white pigment in its bloom as compared to the standard registered Concord that had 74.1% purple pigment and 25.9% white pigment in a typical bloom. So the new concord has 11.8% less purple or 11.8% more white pigmentation. Also interesting to note is the red pigmentation in the underside of the leaf (I believe it is called anthocyanin) of the standard Concord is totally absent in the New Concord leaf.

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