Propagation Of A Chimera African Violet With A Potato? (part 4-Conclusion)

As you can see in the above photographs NONE of the seven chimera African violet flower stems survived or will survive to produce a plantlet.   The entire experiment ran from the 4th week in July to the 4th week in October.  The one thing that stood out was that the stems with no plant hormone lasted 1 to 2.5 months longer then the stems that were dipped in plant rooting hormone.  Actually all four of those that were exposed to a rooting hormone died the fastest.   Those that were not exposed to the rooting hormone, in reality, looked promising into the second month.   Actually I held out a little hope (just a little) in the 2nd month.  But this month (month 3) the remaining stems deteriorated quickly making it clear that this experiment did not work and no plantlets will be developing.

So lets end  this three month experiment that did not work with a nice Kilauea, I am referring to the below image and not the drink.  Click on the image below to enlarge it.

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