Shimai – A New Chimera African Violet Introduction

Shimai  (above plant) is a new introduction and recently registered sport of Yukako.  AVSA Registration # 10519 D.Landek.  The  flowers are best described as sticktite single stars of white with green center stripes.  There is a slight purple in some of the  stripes and at times on the flower edges.  The foliage is medium green, plain to slightly quilted.

After 3 generations the plant has shown nice genetic stability.  Actually you can see over the last few years on this blog my documentation from the discovery through the three generations.

Considering this is a sport of Yukako, a Japanese chimera that generated so much excitement in the African violet world because it was so unique with it’s purple flower and green stripes,  I thought it only appropriate that I retain a Japanese name out of respect for it’s origins.  But I wanting to name the plant honoring my two daughters and  remind them of the  importance of their sisterhood.  That no matter what happens,  even after I am long gone (not that I am planing of shuffling off this mortal coil anytime soon) they are sisters and must be there for each other.  So the plant was named  Shimai (pronounced Shim-eye) which means sisters in Japanese.

I an anticipating to have some  plants available for sale on this website in September-Oct.  To those of you that regularly visit my site I am offering them to you first.  The supply is very limited and am asking that it be limited to one plant per person initially.  I am offering them for $20.00 each plus $5.00 for postage (for US orders only.  International orders subject to different postage rates and shipping requirements).   For US orders, $25.00 gets you a  blooming Shimai including postage.  All plants are shipped in bloom or have bloomed true.  If you are interested in being put on the list (first come first served) for your Shimai click here and provide me your name and e-mail address. In the message section just type “Shimai”. I will add you to the list of interested individuals. When your plant is ready for you I will send you an e-mail with directions to pay through Paypal. I will also accept checks.

 Please note,  as of 11/10/12 I have shipped out Shimai plants to those that made requests in July 2012.  Requests for Shimai made on or after 8/1/12 will be shipped in April.  The weather in Northern Ohio is not conducive for safe shipping and inexpensive rates.  If you sent me your request on or after 8/1/12, rest assured that I will be contacting  you in the spring, checking if you are still interested in the plant.  At that time we will arrange for the transaction.  Thank you for your patience.


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    I earnestly hope that I get Shimai of Afrivan Violet which you own.
    I live in Japan.
    I want you to inform whether you can send it to Japan.
    I can do big thanks to you if I can send it.

    I have small club of African Violet in Japan. For members, I earnestly hope that I obtain “Shimai”.

    Because we cannot yet buy it in Japan, we want to ask you.

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