Shimai Chimera Flower Variants. Also An Emerald City Sport.

I have observed Shimai from my own collection and now confirmed from African Violet enthusiast  J. Miemietz, who provided this photograph, that on occasion Shiami will throw out a bloom as illustrated here.  The rest of the blooms are the standard white with green stripes.  I have also seen on rare occasion a bloom  white with green stripes and the flower that is edged with purple.  But again it will appear on one bloom and the rest are without any purple.

The below image is a Sport of Emerald City.  The bloom for the most part really never open fully.  Some of these blooms as illustrated are the ones that have opened the most and is what I would consider fully opened.

Some blooms remain 1/2 closed on some of the stalks for their entire life.  The back of the petals are darker in color and waxy in appearance.  This is not what I would consider an attractive bloom but rather classify it as an interesting one.

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