Shimai From Germany


shimai (1)


Click on any of the above images to enlarge.  I admit I enjoy receiving pictures of plants I sold as I often wonder how they are doing.  I also enjoy taking pictures of African violets and especially chimera African violets.  But I will be the first to admit the quality of my photos are at best substandard.  So when I receive a picture of one of the Shimai I sold and it was shipped to a place that was a little further then New York or Chicago and it is thriving and blooming and on top of that the quality of the images are exceptional, well I just have to share it with everyone.  These photos are courtesy of J. Miemietz.  Attached is a Flicker link to enjoy many more exceptional images of Ms. Miemietz.  In my estimation these are some of the nicest images of African violets on the web.   Click here to link.

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