Slight Variant of Shimai Bloom?

As I propagate more Shimai and observed the first flowering, I had one that had bloomed with a bit of purple in the blooms. Not what I was looking for but re-potted and put it in the north window. Months later as the plant matured I noticed it bloomed heavily but any trace of strong purple in the blooms was gone. When I looked closely (very closely) I noticed the green stripes were a bit darker as compared to a typical Shimai (below image).

Click on any of the images below to enlarge them.

Shimai Regular
Shimai Normal

The image below has the slight purple in the green stripes.

Shimai with slight purple to stripes

I circled and drew an arrow to point out the area I noticed as different. The traditional Shimai on the left has white in those thin margins that occur on occasion on the petals. Compare that to the plant on the left where the tiny margins are not white but a slight purple ting which may account for the slightly darker green stripes.

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