Sport Of Shimai, F1

Shimai Sport

Back on 9/15/13 I posted this image of a sport of Shimai.  The entire plant was producing these types of blooms.  I tissue cultured 3 flower stalks prior to the sport succumb  to Crown rot, ( the work of the fungi Phytophthora).  I also posted a few images of the 4 young plants that were growing .  Well two of them bloomed over the last few weeks and I was a bit disappointed.  My hope was blooms that were identical to the above image.


This was the first bloom.  The edges were purple and the purple green stripes were only strongly present in two of the five stripes.


But to make the picture more complicated (no pun intended) note all the blooms on this plant.  Click on the image to enlarge.  The coloration is essentially all over the place.


The second plant also bloomed so far one bloom.  This had dark green tips with faded purple and slightly green stripes.   It is apparent that the F1 of the sport of Shimai is demonstrating some genetic instability in its blooms.  I will continue to monitor into a second bloom.  What might be interesting is to stem culture specific stems that illustrate a specific trait and see if the plant that is produced is an expression of that bloom stalk or another plant with different blooms on it.




  1. Corey W
    Posted September 23, 2014 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    I’d be interested to see an update on this! Could it be that some of this variation you’re seeing in the plants are temperature related? I’ve seen enough variation in the “white” of Shimai in photos to suspect that it is actually double dilute genes which can be influenced by temperatures (stronger in cooler temps) as well as by some natural fertilizers (which encourage your plant to show stronger coloration – and can cause unpleasant surprises when you thought your flowers were white!). Given that these photos were from May I wonder if the purple isn’t as strong because of temps (in may my temp sensitive plants are all over the place due to spring), but it is a bummer that the white isn’t a clean white like the original. If you wanted to try the fertilizer to see if that would bump up the purple I can send you a link to the stuff.

  2. admin
    Posted September 23, 2014 at 7:58 pm | Permalink

    I will try that. Thanks.

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