Chimera African Violets Suspended and Protected

As mentioned a number of times, starting in 2014 most of the collection of chimera African violets I had were destroyed by an infection of  Phytophthora.   It was fast and by the time, I identified the issue 75%+ of my plants were destroyed or I needed to destroy them as they were beyond salvaging.  Despite various fungal treatments which proved at best marginally effective until I used Dithane M-45, I had a small number of chimera African violets with plastic bags over them as they were just out of tissue culture and were just starting to root.  The infestation was in two waves over a 2 year period.  Just when I thought the infection was done a second wave hit.  It was to the point that the only plants I was able to salvage were those in the test tubes producing new plants and the Neptune’s Treasure which seemed rather resistant and very resilient along with the few “bagged” plants.  Fast forward 3 years and the collection is healthy, disease free and growing and blooming and many of my previous practice have changed.   But I want to focus on the plants in bags which included Concord, Yakako, Party Fun and Blue Confetti.   They were tiny plants in bags, transferred from a sterile environment, placed in a plastic bag, isolated from insects or air currents that would carry the fungal spores.     The bags were never pulled off the plants for now 3 years.  I recently started doing that.  So as I processed the plant “Party Fun”, I took pictures.  

This plant has been under this bag for 3 years now.  Never flowered.  It has grown from a tiny plantlet produced Dec 2014.  When it was watered (every few months) it was by way of the wick method.

Bag finally removed to reveal a plant with a long weak stem.  The two images above are the same plant just rotated.  

The plant broke nicely into three parts.

I took each of the 3 parts, removed the leaves and then cut the stem to 1/2 of what you see here.

I then placed in a 2 oz plastic cup to get established.  I am hoping in December or January there will be some initial blooms on this plant and hopefully they will be true to the parent.  I will post the outcome regardless.


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