A Variegated Chimera (Part 2)

The below image is the same chimera African violet (flower chimera) whose leaves were white (last months post) and maintained under 1600 lux LED lamp. Now, with 3 weeks in north-north east window exposure that was only 800 LUX, the youngest leaves at the top of the crown started to produce chlorophyll. This chimera that naturally has variegated leaves obviously was negatively impacted by some factor under the LED light (Manufacturer Yitatech Model FRGDEL-0010), where it produced copious amounts amounts of carotenoids which caused the plant crown to have three rows of nearly all white leaves as well as essentially stopped the plant from growing.

Although I have very successfully used this LED lamp as mentioned above for other plants (non-African violets) with considerable success, there is something in the wave length emitted by this lamp that is not conducive to vegetative growth of African violets. The intensity in terms of LUX is less then the florescent lamps I use (around 3000 LUX) yet the degree of chlorosis in the variegated leaves of this plant was stunning. It must be the wave length emitted but I have been unsuccessful in obtaining a spectral pattern of this lamp so I can compare it to florescent and daylight spectrum’s.

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