Change in Leaf Color Precedent To Change in Chimera African Violet Bloom

The image below and to the right is the normal Norton’s Elaine ((AVSA Reg# 9673) 07/31/2006 (J.Norton)). Note the green leaf and listed in First Class(AVSA directory of all African violet cultivars) as medium green leaf coloration.  As you can see the blooms are a chimera dark blue with white stripe bell-shaped blooms. As with numerous other observations I have had propagating chimera African violets, when I see a change in the leaf color, long before the bloom I know it will not bloom true. I have not yet had one single leaf change in color that did not produce a change in bloom. In Norton’s Elaine, the change from medium green leaf color to dark green leaf color has always resulted in dark blue (purple) blooms with loss of the chimera trait as below on the left-hand side. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Norton’s Elaine and sport

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