Granger Sugar Frost-Awakened

Granger Sugar Frost














As was true about the Fords Pinwheel (last post), a similar situation occurred with my Granger Sugar Frost, except that this plant bloomed constantly and grew nicely for me in the past.   I owned Sugar Frost for 15+ years, and had been propagating and growing it during this period.  About 2 years ago the plant just stopped growing.   For those two years the plant sat essentially dormant, growing in the center very slowly into a tight compact head.  Lighting and temperature as well as soil and moisture conditions were identical with my other growing plants in the immediate area and juxtaposition to this plant.  As it was my only one I did not want to discard it or give up on it so I removed the head, dipped the end of it into some rooting powder, then placed it into a small pot and covered it with an inverted plastic sandwich bag lightly closing off at the bottom.   It was placed under florescent lighting that was a bit intense, 8 inches from the two T12, 40W florescent bulbs.  After 3 weeks the leaves  at the periphery started to get larger and the center started growing again at a faster rate (see below).

Sugar Frost















Within 2 months the plant was about 8 inches across and threw its first bloom, (above).




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