LED Panels to Grow Chimera African Violets

I have tried several different methods to grow Chimera African violets with LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes).  I have used the array panels, the LED chips and the LED arrays in light bulb format.  I have found that the LED panel arrays to be a waste of money.  Not that the plants do not grow well with them.  They grow as well as if they were being grown under florescent light.  The issue is they do not last.  The manufacture specifications indicates they will last about 50,000 hours.  Reality is of the two panels I tested, BOTH only lasted 8 months or about 3900 hours.  In all fairness I only tested two panels but for both to fail so quickly is indicative of a problem.   They range in price from $30-$35 a panel.  Too expensive to be replacing every 8 months even if the watt consumption rate is 14 watts per hour.   The first image is the panels first installed 8 months ago.  The second is the panel about 8 months and $35.00 later.

LED Light Panel – Newly Installed


LED Panel eight months after being installed.

This is the same panel as above about 8 months later.  I circled all the failed LED’s.  It can be found on eBay under “LED Grow Light Panels”  using 225 White, Red, Orange, Blue LED’s.  Buyers beware!!


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  1. Hans Plevier
    Posted March 18, 2013 at 1:03 am | Permalink

    i haf 9 panels now runing for 3 mants
    i use a stepdown transformer 240 to 220v
    so fare so good plants seem to do oriat

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