O’Fortuna – A New Chimera African Violet Introduction

O'Fortuna Bloom2

O’Fortuna (the above plant) is a new introduction and recently registered sport of Concord.  O’Fortuna now has an AVSA Registration #10806 1/7/16 D. Landek.   The flowers are best described as single white pansy blooms with light lavender stripes.  The foliage is standard, ovate, hairy, dark green leaves with scallop edges.   The image above is of an F3 plant of this cultivar.  I found this standard African violet to be a strong grower, with a strong habit of long flower stalks forming a nice head of blooms above the dark foliage.

I will have a limited supply of these plants available on this website starting May 1st.  If interested click here to purchase O’Fortuna.

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