Chimera African Violet Icons

In the context of the web world, icon has taken on a different meaning then those of us over that magical and vague  generational line where first consideration of the word held out the mental image of a great hero or a famous president (not to be confused with infamous president).   I would think some of the chimera African violets are icons in that they set the bar for color and a very distinctive stripe pattern with perhaps very large flowers.  In many respects, a subjective decision to be sure.  But I am certain there would be general agreement that some of the chimeras do stand out above the rest.  One of those in my opinion is Lyon’s Fortune Teller.  It recently flowered for me and the flower was exceptional in many respects.  From a very large size to nice contracting stripes, it was in my mind one of those iconic chimera African violets.

So to cerebrate this exceptional flower and to customize a boring desktop, I made  icons out of this image.  I have six of them available.  The attached document link below  provides description, direction and choices in obtaining these icons.   They are yours free for the taking.  No tricks, no cookies no nothing.  Just one African violet grower to another wanting to share.  This is the link to download the icons. Lyon’s Fortune Teller Icon’s

Here is another link for other Chimera African Violet Icons.  These are not free like the previous link but are very inexpensive .  All kind of blooms are available, Click Here


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