Chimera African Violets and Lighting

I found on YouTube an outstanding presentation on lighting for African violets that was put out by the African Violet Society of America. The presentation is called “Spectral Enlightenment: One Light Does Not Fit All“, by Dr. Minh Bui. It is excellent! Lighting requirements for chimera African violets are the same as non-chimera African violets. But with African violets, proper lighting and watering are 80+% of growing success.

Click on the above image to see this most remarkable presentation.

This 46-minute presentation covers topics such as Blue-Red light ratios, what is best for growth and what is best for blooming, fluorescent and LED lighting, and African violet physiology under various types of lights. It is a must-see (even if you watch it in parts) for anyone interested in growing African violets under artificial lights.

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