Mauna Loa Mutation

Mauna Loa

The above image is the of Mauna Loa (Eyerdom)06/23/1998 AVSA Reg # 5336. The flower is a single chimera light rose star with a dark red stripe.  The Foliage is dark green with red on the underside of the leaf. The plant size at maturity is that of a standard African violet size plant.  About 5 years ago I noticed one flower stem produced two blooms on the stalk where both blooms had 6 petals. This happens on occasion but African violets will usually produce 5 petals per bloom with some variation like an occasional 6 or a rare 4 petal bloom.

What I did when I saw the two 7 petal bloom was tissue culture the stalk with the intent of producing a plant that has Mauna Loa flowers made up of 6 petals on each flower bloom. That was the goal. So the next generation plant was about 70% 6 petal blooms with a few blooms with 7 petal blooms and a couple of blooms with the standard 5 petals. I kept going (selecting the stalks with the most petals and producing another plant. I believe it was on the 4th generation of pushing this concept that ALL the petals of all the blooms on the plant looked like this! (below image)

Mutation of Mauna Loa

Not only were there NO 6 or 7 petal blooms, but the standard 5 petals Mauna Loa were smaller and pointed petals that were the result of the petal folding around. Not very attractive to be sure. And every single bloom looks like the above. This is not what I wanted, but apparently, what I want and what nature is willing to provide is different and nature always wins. (Click on the images to enlarge).

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