Maybe We Have A Double Chimera!?

As first discussed in my June 2019 post, a couple of my Yukako’s sported into what appears to be chimera leaves. Referring back to the image of June 1st you can see the dark green outer rims of the leaf and the lighter green inner section. See the image below.

Chimera Green Leaves

The above image was taken about 4 months ago and it was prior to and blooms developing. The initial blooms were very cupped and I really did not pay much attention assuming it would be a dark purple as I have seen before. The plant is bigger and the blooms are now more developed as this image was taken a few days prior to this posting. Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Sport of Yukako

Now if you closely examine the bloom it appears to be a chimera bloom.

Bloom of Chimera Leaf Sport of Yukako

Note the dark almost black petal edges (A) and the lighter purple center stripes (B). It does have that pinwheel look. The bottom petal which is not fully extended and pointing outward even has this coloration all be it not as pronounced. It will take time and a couple of generations (and years) to see if this is all genetically stable and truly a double chimera. Click on the images above to get a clearer and larger image.

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