Sport of Humako Sweet + 29 Images to make 1 image of the Sport

This is a two fold post this month. First I had a sport of Humako Sweet that was detected prior to the bloom using leaf color. But also interestingly the bloom was a little difficult to photograph as there was considerable depth of field to the bloom plus the angle in which I photographed this only added to the complexity. So the image (the all white bloom) is a composite of 29 stacked images in an attempt to produce an all in-focus bloom with considerable depth of field.  Not the best and I am disappointed with the outcome but much to learn yet.  With regard to the sport, the first image is what I was expecting when I tissue cultured the stem, a typical Humako Sweet (below).   Sweet main imageThe actual bloom of the sport was what appears below (the 29 images stacked). 2016-06-18 15-28-10 (B,Radius10,Smoothing7)










I suspected a sport because the leaf color of Humako is always a dark green.  The leaves of this sport was a much lighter green.  I have seen this with other chimera African violets. Leaf color change equates to a sport.  Below are the two plants grown together from the same bloom stalk.  Obviously the lighter green leaf one sported from the Sweet chimera pattern (white bloom above).  The lighter colored produced the typical chimera bloom for Sweet.  Sweet and Sport


  1. Marcelo
    Posted October 5, 2017 at 5:25 pm | Permalink

    una pregunta
    ¿existe alguna forma de inducir a la formación de quimeras? o solo expontaneo resulta?

  2. admin
    Posted October 8, 2017 at 1:10 pm | Permalink

    Es un evento espontáneo. Ha habido discusión que quizás es causada por factores ambientales, pero nadie puede probarlo. Buena pregunta.

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