Chimera African Violet Crosses Do Produce Seed (seed is available)

In reference to earlier discussions about if chimera African violets can produce viable seed I submit the following in an effort to answer this question (see April 10th blog).

This photo (above) is the mature seed pod from the photo of the June 1 blog.  This specific example illustrates that Van’s Evan X Van’s Evan produces seed.  This is an example that chimera African violets produce viable seed when crossed to self, regular African violets or to another chimera African violet.

The  image below is showing the inside of the seed pod that has many developed seeds.

To put size into context, the seed is tiny. One appreciates even more the African violet germination process when you consider the seed size.  I placed a penny next to the seed (click on the image to enlarge it for a better view).  I think there is no doubt the seed is very small by anyone’s standard.

So from the pod in the first image, several hundred seeds will be available.  Since I have limited space and I am interested in the out come of what will develop from this pod I am offering seeds in a glassine envelope for the cost of essentially only postage.  Go to “Shopping” and select the seed item.  For 50 cents I will send you one packet of seed (no charge for shipping).  Limit of one packet per person so others will also have an opportunity to grow them since supply is so limited.  I can provide you with directions on growing them.  Let me know the outcome.  International orders are welcome for the same 50 cents.

Realize this cross WILL NOT PRODUCE more chimera African violets but it should produce some nice regular African violets.  Remember, you cannot produce chimera African violets from seed.

Growing African violets from seed is ridiculously simple.  A future blog will cover that subject.

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