Conclusion to Chimera African Violet Shimai Experiment

January of 2018 I posted this blog  Click here.

Then in February, as the stem cultures started to grow I added this Click here.

I am attaching that image posted in February 2018 below.

The Shimai plantlet listed as “B” which was from the stem of a typical green striped Shimai from February 2018 and is now a flowering plant and is below.  As expected it is a normal Shimai.

PLANT B (Above)

The slower growing plantlet listed as “A” in the top image was the stem that produced the bloom as Illustrated here.   The outcome is a bit different then Plant B. 

PLANT A (Above)

The most noticeable difference is the purple strip going through the center green stripe.  If you compare to the original bloom on the variant stem, this bloom lacks the purple edges on the petals but other then that the bloom is the same (plus the photo on Jan 2018 was terrible from bad lighting to focus).  My next step is to select from this plant the flower stems demonstrating the most intense purple green stripe as there is a little variability among the blooms on the plant.  But the plant essentially did bloom true.   If I can selectively produce a bloom with a bit more homogenous purple green stripes and have that produce true to these characteristics, we may have a new sport of Shimai.  All the characteristics of leaf color, texture, size and so forth are identical to the standard Shimai listed as plant B.  The only difference is purple stripes instead of green.   If you click on the images they will enlarge.  More to follow.


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