Concord Sport









The above image is a sport of Concord.  The bloom stalks that produced the above plant and below plant (true Concord) were taken from the same parent plant.  All the plants produced from the other bloom stalks of the parent look like the standard Concord depicted below.  This one sport (above) was discovered.  Exact pattern, the leaves, their shape, color, the flower stalk are all identical to Concord (Horikoshi/Ozaki 10/3/1992) Reg#7807.  The only difference is the diminished intensity of the true Concord purple stripe.  The color reminds me of “The Alps”.   I will propagate the stems on this sport to see if this is genetically stable.  The bloom above was photographed on the 1st day it opened.  The bloom below of the standard Concord is now 5 days into it flowering and will be a bit larger and the petals will be a bit more extended.

Standard Concord









The below image is the Sport of Concord two weeks after the first bloom.  The only phenotypic trait I can detect as different from the standard Concord is the light purple coloration and slightly larger blooms.  Everything else appears to be identical to Concord.

Sport of Concord


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